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India’s Homegrown Brand

Mane'a is a premium unisex salon chain in India, known for its innovative and creative hair and beauty services. Established in 2004, Mane'a has emerged as a leader in providing client-centric and market-focused hair and skin solutions.

At Mane'a, a team of passionate experts led by a Creative Head at every salon strives to give clients the best possible experience. Over the past 19 years, Mane'a has grown to become one of the most popular family salons in South India, with over 50 salons.

Mane'a is one of the two salon brands in South India with its own academy, which provides regular employee training to ensure 100% client satisfaction. The academy also focuses on nurturing young talent and giving them a platform for professional skill development.

Mane'a has been associated with the film industry for over a decade, and its regular celebrity clientele is a testament to its expertise in raising the glamour quotient. Personal attention is Mane'a's hallmark, and it offers trendsetting hair and skin care in a relaxed ambience.



Every Home Has a Story, Here's Ours.

“Hands, head & the heart”

come together to bring out a confident person wearing suitable.


The name Manea is a combination of the words "mane" and "mania." "Mane" refers to the beautiful hair that is considered an essential part of beauty routines. "Mania" refers to absolute passion and madness. Manea perfectly embodies these concepts, exceeding expectations and being dedicated to providing the best beauty services.

When the word "mane" and the sound of "mania" come together, the brand Manea is born, representing a space devoted to beauty and grooming.

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The salon industry is changing. People are now more open to experimenting with their hair and appearance, which has created new opportunities for salons. Salons are no longer just places to get your hair done - they're also places to relax, pamper yourself, and experience grooming.

Social media has also played a big role in boosting the salon industry. It's a great way for salons to market themselves and for people to share their experiences. In the past, salons were mostly seen as catering to fashion professionals, but now they cater to everyone.

The new generation is more likely to express their personality through their appearance, and salons are responding to this. As people become more open to exploring new opportunities and facing the world, the salon industry is poised for further growth.

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